[Somewear labs]

Somewear labs and the 18th ASOGs, Draco Spark cell are currently researching next generation communications capabilities for the Tactical Air Control Party, Weapon System.


InstaJam started as a Hacking for defense project that after winning in that competition was selected for a tech research and transition grant. Under this grant and in partnership with Lockheed Martin, Duke University and the Draco Spark Cell communication Jamming detection is soon to be available on Android devices.

[Gotenna pro x]

The 14th Air Support Operations squadron and 18th ASOG Draco Spark Cell are developing next generation low observable inter team communications radios. these ultra low SWAP radios are hard to detect and are functionally simple freeing up the operator to concentrate on the surroundings and increasing their situational awareness.

[Vinci Vr]

The 14th ASOS and Draco Spark Cell are working with Augmented Reality Training company Vinci Vr to create hyper realistic simulator training that can be accomplished anywhere. Taking a modular approach the simulator can be as large as a facility installed trainer; complete with 360 degree walking treadmill for unlimited virtual movement, or can be parsed down to a mobile computer with monitor and VR glasses to take VR augmented fires and close air support training on the road.